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Technology driven products, tailored to each driver’s unique needs. 


Personalization is the key underpinning to modern insurance products. 

The best path forward to identify the correctly tailored products for drivers is through their broker.

Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance

Low-touch, non-telematics driven PAYD mileage validation. A customer favourite, the simple and accurate mileage validation is achieved without the cost or complexity of telematics.

Usage Based Insurance

Telematics, provided to carriers as a simple, affordable, and configurable service.

Broker Led

With DriveDNA, brokers are in the drivers seat.  They have the ability to place their clients in the right program for them, based on their actual driving characteristics. Brokers will also finally have access to their client’s driving score/behaviour results. 

Technology-Driven Customer Engagement

DriveDNA leverages existing, impactful broker engagement tools to connect with their direct customer base With engagement in over 1M households in Canada, the ability to bring innovative, broker-supported products directly to customers is unparalleled in opportunity.

Making Modern and Innovative Products Possible Through Advanced Technology

Participation in DriveDNA is open to all carriers, regardless of experience. We offer an easy, low risk approach to telematics and PAYD product development

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DriveDNA - Focused on Enablement

DriveDNA has been established to answer the historic gaps that lead to product failures.  Evaluation, personalization, and partnership between broker and customer are paramount in the offering.

Ability To Configure To Your Unique Product

DriveDNA enables you to diversify telematics and PAYD driven products, and at no point looks to commoditize product offerings.

World Proven Tech

Our low touch mileage validation is production-proven in high volume implementations, and our telematics backbone is one of the longest tenured and continuously operating network in the world.

Finding the Right Product, for the Right Customer

The DriveDNA approach looks to identify the unique driving characteristics of a given customer, and matching them with the right product for those characteristics.  Carriers get their target customer without an initial evaluation required, brokers get the right product for their customer, and customers get the right product for their unique needs.

Increased Stickiness

DriveDNA brings the right products and the right customers together, making your program more successful by avoiding product mismatches.